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The Emporium of the Enjoyably Extraordinary

Tucked away neatly in a cobblestone lined alley just out of sight, patiently waits The Emporium of the Enjoyably Extraordinary. For those whose hearts are filled with adventure and curiosity, their eyes will be graced with many wondrous creatures, natural oddities and beings our world has been hiding away. Browse around a tad, take some photographs & poke at some things- but do be careful, they may poke back. Enjoy this charmingly chilling place and please, come back soon. -T 

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The Bitterroot Footage

A story of a young college student who obtains a wooden box filled with aged photos and a mysterious film reel. He and a friend refurbish the film and watch the footage and are shocked at what they find. 

Visit the website on May 12 to watch what they found at their website 

17th Century Secret Poison Kit

17th Century Secret Poison Kit